fall fashion trends 2017

As much as talking about back-to-school sales and Fall outfits can seem like a petty scare tactic to dampen your August, after three months of scrolling through bikini-wearing girls in Mykonos and parties in Ibiza, I start to get really excited about getting my chunky sweaters out and my ‘pumpkin spice latte’ funds jar filled.

I’m online shopping to my heart’s content for Autumn jackets and boots as it suddenly dawns on me: There is one more hurdle to surpass this summer… Burning Man! Yes, that week when social media, blogs, and lifestyle websites are filled with pictures of gorgeous and enchanting-looking people wrapped around art installations in the matrix of Burning Man, while us poor mortals are left in the dull, outside world looking in.

But we all know what makes everything easier in life, don’t we? That’s right, good ol’ retail therapy. So let’s take a look at what is ruffling our feathers for this upcoming season. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be prematurely strutting around in my new Fall items while everyone is riding around the desert wearing sweaty sand-filled catsuits because, let’s face it, we all know that life in Black Rock isn’t as breezy as Instagram wants us to think.

Suede Skirts

frame denim suede mini skirt

Frame Denim Suede Mini Skirt, £356

Suede will be taking over the streets in Fall 2017, and skirts are a versatile and trendy way to flaunt this amazing fabric. Be on the lookout for A-line minis or, if you really want to make a statement on a night out then grab yourself this retro-inspired, light brown suede skirt with pockets.

Super High-Waisted Pants

marissa web broderick high waist pants

Marissa Webb Broderick Pants, £348

Girls in need of reducing their waist and elongating their legs will love this trend. (Yup, that’s pretty much all of us!) This killer look is great for formal occasions when paired with a silk blouse, or for a casual coffee run if paired with a simple tee shirt.

Waist Bag

alexander wang waist bag

Alexander Wang Black Gio Waist Bag, £490

Fashion gurus are swearing by this look, and yes, they do remind us of the ’80s fanny packs but they are called waist bags and are way cooler in 2017, okay?

White Boots

gianvitto rossi white ankle boots

Gianvito Rossi Langley 85 Leather Ankle Boots, £690

Move over black boots, these Gianvito Rossi white stunners are quickly making their way into our hearts and closets. Style them with a suede mini skirt (cue in drool emoji) or with shredded jeans, and you are guaranteed to be the coolest looking kid on the block.

The Cool Hair
free people printed velvet turban

Free People Printed Velvet Turban, £20

The end of summer also means a change of hair style. A trim is usually in order to get rid of the summer worn-out ends, so why not take advantage and get a new look? While we are probably not as ballsy to go all out and get a buzz-cut like Cara or Amber Rose, we could still take inspiration from Emma Stone and stay somewhere in the middle with a fresh and Fall-friendly collar-bone length cut. Style it with this velvet printed head piece for an extra flair.

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