Nasty woman hillary clinton trending tee shirts

A wide range of #NastyWoman T-shirts are making appearances everywhere after Hillary Clinton was called out by her competitor (ahem, Donald Trump) for being a “nasty woman” in the most recent Presidential debate.

Trendsetters across the globe (obviously thrilled) are flaunting this catchphrase with fervour—printing or painting it on T-shirts, caps, totes, and whatnot.

And, while this statement-making trend has caught on like fire, (#RebelArt, and all that jazz), it’s important to note that the proceeds from these sales are going to Planned Parenthood so, where’s your Nasty Woman Tee?

Girl Power
There’s a lot going on in terms of feminism right now—we have our second woman Prime Minister, the States might have its first woman President, and next year will mark the 100th anniversary since women got the Right To Vote.

It’s no surprise that this trend has caught on like a moth to a flame. It’s ideal (as nasty women) to show off our intelligence and beauty with a solid dose of wit, don’t you think?


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Add To Cart: T-Shirts To Flaunt Some Feminist Sass


  1. We belong to the ‘Bad Bitch’ and proud of it Club. Would you like to join us? Buy the Tee here. Come on, everyone needs a white Tee!
  2. Ever felt discounted for being a woman—at work, home, by the men in your life, society in general? Well, the Wings Are Beginning To Cramp tank echoes those sentiments perfectly.
  3. Michelle Obama’s latest, and possibly the most inspiring speech on women empowerment just made waves everywhere. We cannot get enough of the First Lady, can you? Buy the First Lady T-shirt here.


For a cheeky feminism fix that’s not as in your face, shop for the Still Hungry, I’ll See It When I Believe It, or Tequila Made Me Do It tees. Why? Because, why not? : )

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