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The world lost one of its most beloved pop stars this Christmas Day but in the spirit of the holiday season, we find solace in knowing that British singing sensation George Michael passed away peacefully in his sleep. His heart gave up at the young age of 53 and understandably, it came as a shock to everyone in the music industry and of course, to all of his fans. We’re all grieving for the iconic star in our own way as we did for so many others this year.

In 2016, we witnessed the loss of many musical greats like Prince, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, and now, George Michael. You may be playing his songs on loop, watching old music videos, posting status messages on social media, or following the many articles on your news feed dedicated to the singer. As for us, we’ve decided to pay homage to George Michael by celebrating his unique fashion sense that was way ahead of its time and made a statement, although not many were wise to it. It goes without saying that George didn’t inspire just a sax movement but was also a throbbing fashion sensation. After his solo rise in 1984 (are you humming his soul-stirring Careless Whisper as we speak?), he was often snapped by the media for his wardrobe choices and courted by his fans for his signature style.

And interestingly, it wasn’t that his style was anything out of the ordinary; it was him and the voice that he gave to his outfits. Even as he worked the most basic denims and a white cotton shirt in a photoshoot, the cross earring, the big hair, the brawny beard and Michael’s vibe were what made the outfit come together. Be still my beating heart…


He had a knack for pulling off prints and plaids on occasion. Unbuttoned floral shirt tucked into high-waist pants, or even a plaid sweater, George Michael made a good case for 80s fashion; it was all very retro in a trendsetting way. 

Girls went crazy at the sight of him. Need we remind ourselves of the shock and devastation the ladies felt when George came out of the closet? Quite literally too, he was nabbed by the cops for publicly displaying his affection for a fellow mate in a public loo. The star cheekily released his “Let’s Go Outside” track the same year. Yet, when he made an appearance in tracks, running shoes and a denim hoodie, you couldn’t care less if he was gay. He represented the well-groomed, fashion-forward men whom we now acknowledge as the metrosexual generation. But, Michael was all that even before it was a thing. The popstar had it all—women, men, talent, music, words, a sense of style, an unapologetic demeanor, and most importantly, passion.


He took to black like a moth to a flame. Until his demise at the age of 53, he was seen sporting all-black ensembles on multiple occasions, albeit with a hint of casual. His style transitioned as he grew older. He lost his top-hat, took to silk and satin shirts, trimmed his funky hairstyle to a close salt-and-pepper crop. However, his smile, charisma, energy and best of all, music remained.


And how can you forget the trademark sunglasses? Earlier in his career, he used to sport a pair of aviator spectacles because he was far-sighted. He then transitioned to a pair of dual coolers with contact lenses that he never lost. Just look at him in this picture (sigh):


It’s hard to digest that George Michael is no more. His music and spirit, however, will undeniably remain a part of our world for generations to come.

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