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Have you heard of Style Doctors? It’s UK’s premier styling company which gives you access to a team of stylists, fashion consultants, makeup artists, and personal shoppers. This first-of-its-kind service is run by the very fashionable Elin Mai who has taken what was formerly an A-list service to the masses very successfully.

So yes, you too, can have someone fuss over your wardrobe and make sure you look like a million bucks when you walk out the door. And no, it doesn’t mean you need a fat wallet or clothes only from big designers to make it work. Some of the best jobs done by Director Elin Mai and her team of Style Doctors is with Marks & Spencer, and TK Maxx.

So, don’t you want to meet the woman who changed the game?

What was the inspiration behind starting Style Doctors?

There was a big need/gap in the market for a service of this kind for real people. There’ve always been celebrity stylists, but no one with the same background and knowledge who could help everyday people feel and look better. Me, I love fashion, I love people, and that’s my driving force.

Who do you think can benefit from a personal stylist?

Everyone! Regardless of how fashion-forward and with the trends you are, or how many clothes you have, a stylist is someone who takes what you have to the next level. A stylist also helps you get out of your comfort zone and besides, a makeover is always a good feeling.

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Three fashion staples every woman should invest in?

Great jeans, a good jacket (could be a blazer or leather jacket), and plenty of accessories as these are the items that can elevate any look in the most unassuming ways.

Three things to retire from your wardrobe once you hit 30?

Age is nothing but a number and style is ageless. Thirty is still young these days and the most talked about women are in this age group, therefore 30 is way too young to start thinking about stopping anything. Just wear what you love with confidence.

In your experience as a stylist, what seems to influence shoppers most when it comes to fashion?

Life. What I mean by that is that style is much deeper and more personal than pop culture and trends. The clothes you wear tell the world a story about who you are without saying a word. The shirt on your back is more powerful now than ever when it comes to making a statement.

It could quietly relay a number of things: Your job, your sense of humour, your social circle, where you live, whether you have children, whether you’re single, whether you’re in the process of losing weight/maybe you’ve gained weight.

When the Style Doctors style someone, they look into many factors when thinking about how to tell the tale of the person’s style journey and personality.

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What are three wardrobe items that you can’t live without?

I think everything is replaceable so I don’t really have a favourite item, but if I HAD to choose, it would be any of my metallic pieces because they give an immediate luxe feel to any look (I have a great sequinned bolero/jacket that works with everything from an LBD to jeans and a t-shirt).

Brands, designers, or high street stores you usually shop from?

For my clients, any and every shop. We work with all budgets and can be in Zara one day and Prada the next. For me, I personally am a high street girl.

Do you follow the work of other stylists or bloggers?

My fellow stylists at Style Doctors are my inspiration here in the UK and the USA. It’s not easy looking great when running around the shops and rushing from one appointment to the next but they do it with style and grace.

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