how to make the most of black friday

Black Friday officially marks the start of the Christmas shopping season and while some of you early Emma’s will have already been thinking about your Christmas shopping, for us Sally come lately, it’s a very different story. If you usually find yourself in a blind panic on Christmas Eve, picking up last minute presents, this guide is for you! Make a change this season, getting your major bargains on Black Friday and for once feeling organized! Black Friday could also seem daunting to a novice, so here’s how you can make the most of this bargain bonanza and stress less this holiday.

Do Your Prep Work In Advance

do your prep work in advance

Firstly, you need to put the date on your calendar and have all of your prep done before then. This year, the date is 24th November. That’s your target. Next, make a list of all the people you need presents for. The more presents you can get on Black Friday the better! Next to each person’s name, give yourself a plan A present and a plan B present. It’s always best to have a backup option in case you miss the deal or the deal isn’t as good as you had hoped. Do some research on the shops you intend to visit. Many will be advertising their deals in advance of the big day so you know what to expect and which products will have the highest discount. Some shops will even provide you with a layout of the store, be showing you exactly where your coveted items lie. Print and memorize the route!

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

A gross cliché but true none the less. Every store will treat Black Friday slightly differently but the principle is always the same, the earlier you get there, the better deals you’re going to get. Many people get queuing outside the shops long before opening hours to ensure they are one of the firsts through the door. The biggest deals are called the doorbusters and they may have a ticket system. This means that tickets for the hottest deals are handed out in the queues and if you manage to get one, the product is yours! Head straight to the counter and pay.

It’s a Team Effort

its a team effort

A great way to make the most of Black Friday is to work together. Gather your girlfriends and work as a team to cover the most ground. Dedicate one store per person and allow that person to make purchases for the whole team. This will require some military precision but it can be done. Make sure everyone has clear instructions and a group chat set up for any questions on the spot. Making it a team effort is also a great way to price match. If you’re looking to purchase a new electronic good, you’ll find many companies claiming to have the best price around. We’d love to say that they all tell the truth but let’s get real, they probably don’t! Use your group chat to post the price of the item in each store and whoever has the lowest price, buys it! Just be sure to keep all your receipts so you can sort out the money owed later on.

Beat The Crowds, Shop Online

If the thought of pushing and shoving from bargain-driven shoppers fills you with dread, you’re in luck! Many stores participating in Black Friday will have online deals available at the same time they open their doors. Sit back on the sofa, coffee, and connection at the ready and let your fingers click all the bargains they want!

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