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It’s interesting to view fashion from a man’s point of view. Particularly if he is an established fashion blogger, photographer, and film producer who views the world in a spectrum of colours. That’s what we loved about Gideon Asibi, the gentleman responsible for the eclectic style, art, and culture blogs on With music and film undertones and a clear overarching thread of fashion, his online magazine is worth staying tuned into for regular updates on what’s hot, what’s classic, and how you can extend your style beyond the clothes on your back.

We caught up with Gideon to create some looks for us based on his favourite fashion trend of the moment. And boy, are we glad he picked colour blocking (it’s our favourite too).

Over To Gideon

The common misconception when it comes to fashion is that if you spend a lot of money on clothes, it will automatically put you in the big leagues. Superstar rapper and fashion icon Asap Rocky discussed this misconception in an interview with Complex’s Joe Le Puma. Asap Rocky said: “It’s one of those things where they think just because you paid a lot of money for it its good.” To illustrate, he was reiterating that it’s not about what you wear but how you wear something that makes it look expensive, creative, and well-put-together.

With the power shoulders, fanny packs, and disco boots making a comeback, the colour blocking trend is a blast from the past that’s been resurrected for 2017. And, I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s genius when it comes to putting a look together that’s powerful just because you can create such interesting contrasts and manipulate your look to show off your most dominant/flattering feature.

The key with colour blocking is that your outfit should have no logos or graphics, and a colour clash of no more than three colours. No longer is it about the expected pink + purple/yellow + green combinations. The new-and-improved take on the trend will change the way you pair your clothes and honestly, it’s all very upmarket and sophisticated, unlike the 2015 version which was meant to be cute and playful.

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The most common use of color blocking is a monochrome minimalistic look using black and white, or the black, white, and grey color scheme. The idea of “matching” one tone up, one tone down is passé. You need to either go minimalistic with a two colour scheme of solids/neutrals, or drive it all the way with bold opposites on the colour wheel by the threes.

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The key thing is to find colours that work for you and create a look that is unique to your aesthetics. Your style should reflect your personality and project your creativity to the people around you.

As for me, these would be my picks for colour blocking.

Colour Blocking For Women

colour blocking guide for women 2017

Blue Msgm Faux Fur Jacket, £625;
Ivory Boohoo Roll Slerelaxed Wide Leg Jumpsuit, £20
Orange Moschino Flower Embellished High Waist Belt, £261

Colour Blocking For Men

colour blocking guide for men 2017

Orange Noose And Monkey Super Skinny Blazer, £48.99;
Black United Colors of Benetton Long Sleeve T-Shirt, £16;
Black Neil Barrett Denim Detail Skinny Trouser, £455;
Converse White Chuck Modern Lux High-Top Sneaker, £145

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