6 must have pieces for the perfect androgynous look

Say goodbye to gender norms and bring a whole new androgynous style to your wardrobe! Looking for a new vibe for fall, but tired of the same old routine outfits available in women’s wear? Does your closet need an overhaul without simply adding more of the same seasonal trends? Try out these six must-have staples for creating a unique and flawless androgynous style that’s all your own, and work it from the minute you walk out the door.

A Streamlined Blazer with Thin Lapels

Nothing says powerful and confident like a well-tailored blazer, offering both sophisticated styles for a professional setting or adding a refined touch to your basic, everyday attire. They’re ultra slimming with long lines and capped shoulders to flatter your figure, and they can be a worthy addition to anything from floral dresses and boots, to dark jeans and button-down shirts. Choosing thin lapels keeps the design from resting too heavy on the chest area, giving this must-have the potential to work for any feminine or masculine style.

blazer with thin lapels

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A Collection of Oversized T-Shirts

While form-fitting tees do have their place in your wardrobe, oversized tees can provide the ultimate style and comfort for a gender-neutral option. Paired with leggings or jean shorts, they’re suitable for casual days out on the town without looking frumpy or sloppy. They can be dressed up with jewelry or paired with fancier pieces like skirts and scarves, or they can be thrown over loose-fitting jeans or active wear for a laid-back look.

oversize t shirt

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A Pair of Classy Business Shoes

Feminine flats have undoubtedly been the biggest women’s business shoe choice for years, beyond the common high heel. However, adding in a classic men’s business shoe option like fancy wingtips or comfortable loafers can add a touch of masculine edge to an otherwise feminine outfit. Pair your wingtips with a floaty, knee-length skirt and button-up shirt, or with sophisticated slacks and a frilly blouse. Choose loafers with a nice pair of cutoffs and a plaid shirt for an androgynous look that can be both comfortable yet refined.

classy loafers

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A Button-Down, Long Sleeve Shirt (Or Two)

Button-downs are an essential part of menswear, yet they’ve become a staple in many women’s wardrobes as well. They are endlessly versatile, able to combine with a wide variety of other clothing pieces like slacks, jeans, skirts, or simply added as a light coverall to other put-together styles. Women can often have issues finding suitable button-down shirts that don’t gape across the chest area, so fixing any fit issues through tailoring services is key. Those with buttons designed closer together are more inclined to prevent holes or gaps in the fabric, so there’s less available space to open while you’re moving about through your day.

button down long sleeve shirt

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A Distinctive Hat

Play up any cute, gender-neutral style with an ideal hat to top off the entire outfit. Choose a fedora or bowler for a chic, debonair accessory to wear out on the town. Or, simply throw on a casual beanie for everyday comfort and to display a pop of color to an otherwise drab look (added bonus: you can get away with messy hair!). No matter the type or style, a distinctive hat can bring a lot to an assortment of clothing options for a gender-neutral staple that requires little maintenance.

fedora hat

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A Long-Sleeved, Relaxed Knit Sweater

Raid a man’s closet, and you’ll generally find at least one comfy knit sweater. Why not sport the same look with your very own gender-neutral, relaxed fit knit sweater, essential for both comfort and style. This wardrobe staple can join with a wide variety of other pieces, like long, ankle-length skirts or a pair of tight-fit jeans. Choose one that’s a little on the larger side for an oversized look and feel that works splendidly for enhancing the androgynous style, keeping your figure hidden underneath its laid-back design.

long sleeve knit sweater

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Add any of these androgynous staples (or all of them!) to your wardrobe this season for a closet full of fashionable options that create a style and look entirely your own.

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