parisian versus british fashion

For decades, the industries finest have been trying to ascertain what exactly constitutes the elusive French Look. Highly sought after, it appears it’s not a simple case of wearing the right clothes and setting your makeup a certain way; it’s much deeper than that.

Forgive the cliché but it really is that je ne sais quoi that the French (read: Parisians) have. Even when suited up in the official dress code, adhering to the strict social graces and with a decent French accent, it’s that same elixir that provokes the natives in the street to say “Do you speak English?” right off the bat. They just know that something is missing.

That said, the classic British style is alluring for its own reasons. Embedded in heritage, fine textiles, a neutral and versatile colour palette, while the wardrobe staples may come from the French, the statement and iconic pieces can always be traced back to the Brits.

We help you achieve both signature looks because, #FashionGoals!

Parisian Chic

Paris fashion

Terrified of colour, you won’t see a native Parisian even take the bin out in a bright yellow sweater. That girl you saw on the Champs-Élysées last Summer wearing the purple jumpsuit? Yeah, she was a tourist. The true Parisian style is actually rather more stiff than people realise. Tonal shades of black and grey with a little white are the norm but other colours may be worn so long as they are muted, dark or part of your accessories.

Parisians love separates. Cigarette pants and skinny jeans in multiple shades make up the back bone of a Parisian wardrobe, adding on top staple blouses, shirts, and layer-able knitwear.

Although on trend with regards to the silhouette of the trouser, the nuances in the sleeves or the cut of the jacket, with a true Parisian outfit, you should be able to say the look is season-less, occasion-less and timeless. Parisian Chic is about being ready for anything. You should look just as office ready as you do for drinks at the bar later. Never over-worked, the Parisian look is effortlessly sophisticated and perfectly imperfect.

When it comes to shoes, Parisians are very practical. Much more likely is a softer, block heel, ballet flats or a flat ankle boot—yes, even on a night out! If your feet are too sore, how are you supposed to dance away the calories from all those croissants?

Finally, Parisians always have a scarf. In Winter it’s a thick cashmere blanket wrapped liberally around the neck and shoulders in any one of a thousand ways, and in Summer it’s a silk or gauze neckerchief, draped and knotted delicately, no matter how high the temperatures get.

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Classic British

Brit fashion

In comparison, the classic British look is more labored and they want you to know the effort that has gone into its creation! Combining the colour palette of the season and heritage prints, the British are not afraid to get a little creative and bold in their choices. The trench coat is the ultimate in jackets when it comes to creating the classic British look.

Most recently, the classic British style has adopted the playsuit romper as part of its wardrobe, showing off some leg and varying the weight of the fabric to suit the season. Wowing one-pieces are more the norm, taking the form of a slinky maxi dress with a thigh high split or plunging neckline, or a minuscule mini dress with long sleeves and a high neck for balance.

Flat shoes are considered too casual for the classic British look and elongating your pins with designer heels is a must no matter the occasion. You can’t go wrong with a pair of printed sky scrappers.

Overall, the classic British look is more about standing out from the crowd, contrasting against the Parisian look who just wants to fit in. Not shy about the effort it takes, it would be unheard of not to pack a quick touch up makeup kit in your handbag, including a different shade of lippy for a day to night switch, or even a second pair of shoes for when your arches give way!

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