80s trends for 2017

With Strangers Things taking over our Netflix, cross-fit becoming a global craze, makeup on men making a comeback, and people actually looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, don’t you feel a nostalgic wave sweeping over 2017?

Well, the fashion world has succumbed to the pinch of yesteryear longing and we have on our hands, the resurgence of the ’80s. No surprise here! Fashion tends to revisit and recycle trends from past decades; 2016 was all about the ’90s and this year, top designers like Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Céline, Isabel Marant, and Balmain have given a nod to the ’80s with their collections featuring statement styles from the decade, re-purposed and refitted to suit new-age aesthetics.

Here are five styles you should invest in to be an ’80s IT girl in 2017.

Power Shoulders

This trend may have received most flak back then but today, designers are giving all their love to exaggerated shoulders, even padded ones at that. You may have looked at your mom’s pictures from when she was a teen and wondered why she’s wearing a silhouette that makes her look like an inverted triangle but the truth is that today, she’s more fashionable in that throwback than you are as of this moment.

80s shoulderpads 2017 trends

Not willing to risk it all for fashion? Thankfully, the resurrection of this trend comes with some much-appreciated tweaks. Here’s the twist: Instead of going high on volume, you can trick the eye with details around the shoulders. Try tailored panels around the shoulders for a structured, clean look for the day; alternatively, amp up the style quotient with an ornate applique or 3D detail on the shoulders.

We handpicked some must-haves that you can add to cart to channel the look:

isabel marant saint laurent anthony vaccarello

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Spandex Meets Athleisurewear

The ’80s gave us a fitness frenzy like no other decade. Who can forget Olivia Newton-John and her sensational Let’s Get Physical hit that went on to become the workout anthem for an entire generation? A television takeover by Richard Simmons gyrating in outlandish outfits sparked the aerobics craze worldwide. The decade was saturated with spandex, neon leotards, and workout gear; fast-forward to 2017 and we have a fitness wave of our own with athleisurewear dominating our wardrobes like never before.

80s spandex athleisure

This year, do it in ’80s style with spandex yoga pants, sports bras, bodysuits, and tank tops for everyday wear. Mesh panels, a neutral palette, and cut-outs are a good way to bring the trend up to date.

We handpicked some must-haves that you can add to cart to channel the look:


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Fanny Packs

Anything that creates more opportunities for our hands to text and hoard on coffee cups, we are more than happy to incorporate into our lives. But, fanny packs, really? It’s easy to wrap your head around this one as travel accessory, but the humble fanny pack wants to make its way on to the promenades of Paris, Fashion Week front rows, and on blogger recommendations by fashionistas. Well, it’s been accepted into the fold, minus the neon palette, bold patterns, and cheap fabric.

fanny pack

In 2017 we have celebrities reviving the fanny pack provided the colors, the material and the way its paired with an outfit is a nod to today’s fashion identity.

Just as the ’90s backpack purse clawed its way back into our lives in a more sophisticated avatar last year, the ’80s fanny pack has resurfaced in a new-and-improved version . It’s canvassed in leather, sleeker in shape, has quilted stitch lines, and usually, presents itself in darker shades.

We handpicked some must-haves that you can add to cart to channel the look:

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The ’80s was an era of excess, big hair, loud makeup, shiny clothes—everyone wanted to go all out when it came to expressing themselves. One of the key fashion elements of that decade was lamé fabric (ie, fabric with interwoven gold or silver threads). Big boxy jackets, ruffled dresses and shiny mini skirts in gold or silver lamé were every fashionista’s party essential.

gold lame

The contemporary interpretation of this trend has muted down the tack factor. You can pick up skirts and bodysuits in toned down metallic hues, usually paired with neutrals for a fetching look so that you don’t look like the Tin Man.

We handpicked some must-haves that you can add to cart to channel the look:

marc jacobs egrey jucca

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Denim Jackets

In denim, we trust. Denim jackets were an absolute necessity in the ’80s and everyone couldn’t help but customise the eff out of their jackets, from patches, pins, buttons to paint. There wasn’t an outfit that you did not feel would benefit from that oversized jean jacket and so, you basically wore it everywhere and with everything.

80s denim jacket

Two decades later and the bold (not basic) denim is totally back! Make sure to customise your jacket to stand out; yes, distressed pockets and hems also count, and badges and buttons are good too. The fit should be baggy and the shade not too dark for a classic nod to the ’80s.

We handpicked some must-haves that you can add to cart to channel the look:

citizens of humanity topshop revolve

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So, are you ready to put on our ’80s garb, play some Cyndi Lauper and binge on Sixteen Candles, cause hey, Girls Just wanna have fun, right?

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