Suze and her husband Paul are the founders of Luxury Columnist, a leading platform for those interested in the finer things in life. Luxury Columnist aims to give everyone a daily dose of luxury, focusing on useful tips, hidden gems and unique experiences.

1. What was the major driving factor behind starting “ Luxury Columnist ”?

I was working as an event organizer and wanted to share all the cool places and experiences that I had with others, as well as my fashion and beauty finds. I’m also a keen photography fan so it’s been fun to learn more about it and to share that with others too.

2. What’s your signature style, when it comes to travel?

I’m all about hidden gems and unique experiences, so I seek those out when travelling. There’s often a bit of luxury involved but it’s not necessarily about staying in the most expensive place. For example, luxury could be the owner of a boutique hotel taking us on a tour of their favorite local spots. I always pack a cashmere jumper or scarf as it can get quite chilly on flights and a pair of socks in case I have to take off my shoes at the security check! I love my Aspinal bright red leather passport cover, it’s easy to find in my bag. We also have one of the lightest suitcases you can find, a Samsonite Lite-Shock, so we can bring back souvenirs easily.

3. What has your favorite memory on the roads so far?

A safari in Tanzania was one of the most amazing memories. The Tanzanians are such lovely people and the wildlife is incredible. As for the sunsets, they were out of this world.

4. Where was your most recent trip to?

I’ve just traveled down Route 66 in Illinois – an amazing experience! I got to lie on the old red brick Route 66, see some vintage diners and kitsch roadside statues, and meet some really friendly locals.

5. Let’s talk about Fashion, how would you describe your own personal style?

My style is very colorful, and I love anything quirky like handbags in the shape of an ice cream cone. I pick and choose fashion trends those that work best for me. I’m also happy to mix a designer necklace with a high street dress.

6. What are your 5 most cherished luxury fashion items that you can’t survive without?

My emerald-cut wedding ring has to be my first choice! I also have a classic quilted leather Chanel handbag that goes with everything. One of my favorite dresses is a Missoni wave pattern one that’s comfy but stylish, and I also have a multi-colored trench-coat by South African designer Vanessa Gounden. It’s actually a sample and wasn’t for sale so I know no one else has got one like it. In this Summer heat, I often wear a pom pom play-suit by a brand called Sundress and pair it with some gold leather espadrilles that I picked up in Marbella.

7. Share the secret recipe of how you allure your everyday look?

I tend to go for clothes that I will feel comfortably all day. I first pick a dress or top and skirt and then dress it up with some statement earrings, a vintage necklace, a tropical fabric headband or a brightly colored scarf tied around the waist.

8. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

Pieces that are well fitted and colorful and that I haven’t seen in many places. Clothes that can take me from day to night or can be worn for several seasons are handy too.

9. What are your go-to online resource for style inspiration? Who is your style icon?

Obsessory is great for the designer and store spotlights! Instagram is a huge source of inspiration. I find it very relatable to see real people wearing the clothes and I like seeing how the pieces work in a travel setting.
Audrey Hepburn had timeless style, although Sophia Loren’s outfits are probably more suited to me – I love anything with a 1950s vibe.

10. There’s a fire in your closet. What’s the first item you grab?

My bright yellow leather jacket, it always cheers up a rainy day.