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In our quest to find the right influencer this week, we chanced upon Calandria Parker, the creator and owner of Very quickly the Facebook and Instagram pages surfaced along with a host of high-fashion pictures and beauty shots with some of our favourite brands up, front, and centre—but they were unique in their aesthetic.

And that’s when we realised the product selection was courtesy the sensibilities and style musings of the Philly girl, and so much of what’s so great about these fashion pages is all thanks to Calandria.

So, we caught up with her to get five great tips and her top five favourite fashion picks for Fall-Winter for our readers at obsessory.

Over To Calandria

First up, let me just start with the big five tips/hacks, whatever you’d like to call them:

  1. Wear a cardigan or a sweater under your blazer to nail the art of layering, add different textures, dimension, and symmetry in your outfit, and look sophisticated while staying warm.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix prints. The key is to let one be visibly more dominant than the other so as to set the tone and not look too busy. Alternatively, you can mix and match your prints and patterns with neutrals to go down the safe route.
  3. Accessories have the ability to become more important than your dress. Add some sparkle and choose wisely because the right pair of earrings, statement necklace or belt can really make or break an outfit. Accessorising is also the easiest way to update or complete change up an outfit.
  4. Cashmere, even the one labelled ‘Dry clean only’, can be hand washed. In fact, hand washing tends to make it softer. Just be sure to use a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo or mild detergent like Woolite.
  5. Use a disposable razor or a lint shaver to de-fuzz a sweater. Of the two, it’s the lint shaver that’s a cool battery operated tool which does a great job of cleaning up and vacuuming the fuzz trapped in lint.

And on that note, I’m going to leave you with 5 wardrobe must-haves you’re likely to find in every Philly girl’s closet this Fall-Winter 2017

1) Versatile & Comfortable Footwear

roger vivier suede ballerinas

Roger Vivier Gommette Suede Ballerinas, £345

Buying shoes that go with different outfits is a must and my personal favourite would be ballet-style flats in a neutral colour. You can pair them with a dress, jeans, shorts, or even culottes, leggings… anything.

2) The Trendy Piece

boohoo frill cold shoulder top

Boohoo Woven Frill Cold Shoulder Blouse, £13

The cold shoulder blouse seems to be central to many fashion-forward mood boards today. A contemporary twist on the off-shoulder, it was first spotted on a Donna Karan creation back in 1992. In 2017, it continues to trend on at all the big fashion weeks and has transcended down to high street stores too. Wear it as is, or layer it with a sleeveless jacket/waistcoat and a fedora to look on point.

3) A Statement Bag

edie parker contrast clutch

Edie Parker Contrast Clutch Bag, £1,418

A bag is sometimes the perfect exclamation point to an outfit. Depending on your personal style, you can pick and choose from a variety of options. My favourite would be a box clutch that packs a punch like this kaleidoscope of colours by Edie Parker.

Perfect for evening wear, it’s sure to go with a closet full of wardrobe options given the many shades it imbibes. Or, you can use it to contrast your all-black/all-white ensemble too.

4) Fashionable Outerwear

pure collection cashmere poncho

Pure Collection Gassato Cashmere Poncho, Plum, £84.15

Outerwear was big in 2016 and it continues to be hot this Winter. Last year it was all about bomber jackets but this year it’s about poncho-style wraps. My favourite: The gassato cashmere poncho by Pure Collection. It’s perfect for Fall-Winter and is a transitional piece that you can have on or off, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Wrap it tight and slim, and it can double up as a scarf or stole. The classic item only gets better with age and never goes out of style.

5) The Trusted Denim

saint laurent flared jeans

Saint Laurent Flared Jeans, £210

Jeans are a fashion staple, no matter which city you’re from. That said, 2017 is all about the flare as we bid skinny jeans adieu and embrace the ’70s vibe. I’d pick the jeans by Saint Laurent because they’re not too dramatic (bell bottoms), and are flared just right.

Wear it with a comfy white button down blouse for the day, and throw on a blazer and pointed toe pumps for the evening or when you want to look more professional. Want to channel the boho vibe? Try a kimono style top instead.

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