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More together at 26 than most 30-year-olds, there’s something so relatable and earnest about Katie Davies’ blog. It’s all right there—words on fashion, beauty reviews, travelogues, and a serious coffee and tea addiction like the rest of us, all documented on

This millennial blogger from Yorkshire is also an engaging writer with a degree in Fashion Marketing, which makes her better informed than the average fashionista.

So, what would Katie Davies pick as her five wardrobe must-haves if they’re all she could own? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

Over To Katie

Everybody has fashion staples in their wardrobe that they wear repeatedly—they form the base of most of your looks and one key piece can prove to be the starting point of 10 different outfits. And, it doesn’t even matter whether they’ve only been purchased recently, or been hanging there for the last however many years. These wardrobe essentials are likely to sustain the test of time for a specific reason or to fulfill a certain purpose.

If I could pick just five to create my own personal capsule collection, here’s what would make it to the shopping list:

1. 100% Cotton Classic White T-Shirt

project social t white cotton t-shirt

Project Social T Tiny Crew Neck Tee, £23.84

This is THE wardrobe staple of wardrobe staples; there’s no way you can mess up with a classic white t-shirt. I prefer to invest in the 100% cotton variety. It might be a little more expensive than a cheap fabric equivalent, but it’s worth the investment considering how many uses you get out of it. It will last you many washes without losing vibrancy, shape, fit, or colour.

Pair your white t-shirt with a pretty printed high-waisted floral skirt during summer and your favourite flats, or layer it up during winter with jeans, sneakers and an oversized bomber jacket.

2. Levi’s Skinny Jeans

levis super skinny jeans

Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans, £75.35

Pretty much the ruler of the denim world with jeans as its best offering, Levi’s has always been my go-to for a good pair of jeans that fit like a dream. The brand produces superior-quality, long-lasting denim in a variety of colours, washes, cuts, and styles. Levi’s is loved by both sexes across the globe for its ability to keep on delivering, season after season.

My evergreen staple is a pair of high-waisted Levi’s skinny jeans that flatter my pear-shaped body. I team them with a camisole vest and oversized sunglasses during the day, and then switch over to a structured blouse and sky high heels when I’m taking my skinny jeans out for the night.

3. Black Leather Backpack

michael kors rhea black studded backpack

Michael Michael Kors Rhea Backpack, £331

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m an avid traveller and have been bitten by the travel bug pretty bad. This means I’m always jet setting to new cities, countries, sometimes even continents.

The one thing that sees me through it all is my trusty leather backpack. Yes, no flimsy handbags for me. In case you didn’t know, backpacks are big in 2017; they were THE thing in the 90s, and they will continue to be resurrected by fashion houses as a staple piece because they are as functional as they are attractive.

My backpack holds all my important travel documents and essentials which is why I invest in a reputed brand. With good quality leather and make, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overloading because it’s built to last.

Also, black because the colour is so classic—it goes with everything! The silver studs on the MK backpack appeal to my edgy fashion aesthetics which are a bit more rocker chic than the average fashionista.

4. Converse Sneakers

converse hi tops animal print sneakers

Converse Animal Hi Tops, £28

Also ideal for travelling, I don’t think I’d survive without a great pair of sneakers. Sometimes I can spend the entire day venturing around a new city, which means that comfortable shoes are a must.

My favourite: Converse sneakers—I wish I could buy every style on the shelves. Not only do they fit well and are very kind to the tootsies, but they come in a range of extremely eye-catching prints and colours.

Mine are actually monochrome animal print, as I can’t resist a good print. Plus, monochrome complements any colour way, no matter what I’m wearing on my top and bottom half.

Sometimes I throw them on with my classic white tee and Levi’s jeans for a casual, yet fashionable look, and sometimes I dress them up for a dinner out with friends with a skater-style dress.

5. Short-Sleeved Plain Shift Dress

harriet high neck shift dress

Boohoo Harriet High Neck Shift Dress, £6

My final wardrobe staple is a plain shift dress that’s cut just above the knee in length. I prefer short sleeves as they’re more flattering on my curvier arms, and you can wear the style over a pair of leggings or stockings during the colder months (like a tunic). It also can be layered with a jacket for spring.

In terms of palette, it’s best to choose a colour that suits your skin tone. I usually go for something out of the ordinary like wine red or royal blue because it helps add a bit of vibrancy to my pale complexion. And then there are always classic shades like nudes, greys, blacks for those who prefer to play it safe.

I dress my plain shift dress up with a black blazer, black tights and statement necklace for the office or smart casual occasion—then apply a bold lip to up the ante; I’m absolutely addicted to matte liquid lipstick.

I alternatively throw on a denim jacket, a long bohemian-style necklace, and sandals for ‘everyday casual cool’ during the summer months. Très chic.

Whether you’re all set with your wardrobe staples, or are currently in the process of building them up, Katie believes you should take your time to invest in good-quality pieces that suit your personal style and body shape. But also, have fun with fashion!

Katie is a freelance writer and blogger from England who blogs regularly at Fashion and travel are two of her biggest passions, but she also loves a good cup of tea.

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