Today we are introducing you to Michelle Madhok, the founder of SHEfinds Media – publisher of Michelle has been featured as an online shopping expert in many media outlets. Her tips for online shopping have been featured in magazines, TV shows, news segments, radio, and popular websites. Let’s catch up with her for some hidden fashion secrets!

SHEFinds is the destination where women are inspired to treat themselves. They are committed to making women feel good with fun, approachable editorial coverage of daily finds, from life hacks to style tips.

1. What was the driving inspiration behind starting SHEFinds?

When I worked at AOL in Virginia, I discovered that the nearby outlets had great designer items that no one was buying! I was always a competitive shopper, so I would take my finds and sell them to co-workers and friends or on eBay. I was making shopping easier for people. That’s when I started thinking I want to do a website that focused on content and commerce that’s the future of things. I went home and I started my own website. Now I’m an online shopping expert.

2. The biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?

Buy quality for items you’re going to keep forever. Aquatalia boots are expensive, but they’re still my favorite weatherproof boots.

3. Share the secret recipe on how to allure your everyday look?

Make sure what you’re wearing fits! Nothing worse than clothes that don’t fit.

4. What are your 5 must have fashion items that you can’t survive without?

Skinny Rag and Bone Jeans
Little leather jackets
Irene Neurwirth earrings
My Peekapoo Gumby

5. Tell us 3 things that stands high on your fashion bucket list.

I don’t really have anything. I buy most anything I want. I’m not super into fancy bags or things like that.

6. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

I never really know what’s going to become a favorite piece until I live with it for awhile. I buy a lot from The Real Real to try out different brands.

7. What are your go-to online resource for style inspiration? Who is your style icon?

I love Amal Clooney’s style. I like to look through the Net a Porter mannequins to get ideas on how to style items.

8. A current beauty trend that you absolutely love?

I’ve recently become very into Wander Beauty’s On the Glow Blush and Highliter.

9. Name your 5 favorite fashion Brands/ Designers? What is it about their designs that appeals to you maximum?

Phillip Lim – Structured tops that fit large breasts
Prada – never goes out of style
Irene Neurwirth – gorgeous wearable fine jewelry
Rag and Bone skinny jeans – nice and stretchy and come in a bunch of colors
Gianvito Rossi – really cute low-heel boots great for walking around NYC

10. What do you make of the advent of online shopping? How has it changed your life?

It gave me a career. And I love shopping while watching Bravo television.

11. There’s a fire in your closet. What’s the first item you grab?

Prada snakeskin booties!

12. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Color – Red
Destination – Marrakesh (just got back!)
Trend – skin care
Cuisine – Negronis