This week we introduce you to Carmen Edelson, who is a full time luxury travel influencer and writer. She is the Founder and  Senior Editor of Carmen’s Luxury Travel. Her blog has been an continuous source of inspirations from a decade for the world when it comes to Luxury traveling.

Carmen’s Luxury Travel is a unique luxury website for those who like to indulge in finer things in life. It includes exclusive beach hotels to small luxury hotels, weekend spa escapes, cruises, gourmet restaurants, top notch hotels, tour attractions or anything that boasts a degree of exclusivity and a dash of luxury in your life.

1. What was the major driving factor behind starting “Carmen’s Luxury Travel”?

I had gone on a lot of trips with my family, and we would go to some of these amazing places. People I knew would come to me with questions about where to stay and where to eat after we came back, so starting a blog seemed like the best way to document and share my experiences with others.

2. Define Carmen’s Luxury Travel in 3 words.

Luxurious, Inspiring and Sophisticated

3. What has been your favorite memory on the roads so far?

I really enjoyed my time in the Ukraine. I feel that I made real connections with the people, even though that trip wasn’t entirely about luxury, the people there left a huge impression on me.


4. Where was your most recent trip to?

I recently went to South Africa. Not only was I in the amazing city of Cape Town, but I also spent some time in the African Bush in Kruger Park.

5. What are the top 3 destinations that stands high on your bucket list and why?

India, Australia, and Japan.

6. How do you determine where to go next? what kind of places appeals to both of you?

There are some places, like the ones on my bucket list, that I’ve always dreamed of going to so I look for opportunities to visit. I travel to other places depending on whether I get invited by a company or hotel, or if there is a particular event I’m interested in.

7. Tell us about the most delicious dish you have tasted and from where?

Antibes is a little city in the south of France where I had the best meal of my life. The presentation was perfect, I had the most incredible duck I’ve ever had.

8. Let’s talk fashion, what has been your most stylish buy ever and from where?

Unsurprisingly, my best buy was in the giant shopping center in Dubai, the Dubai Mall. They were a pair of sneakers from Cole Haan that I can’t find in the states!

9. What are some packing hacks that you swear by?

I usually have a little toiletries bag at the ready because I travel so often. The key for me is to try to pack light, and if I need a lot of clothes, I roll them.


10. What are your 5 must have travel essential items that you can’t travel without?

My camera, an extra pair of sunglasses, walking shoes, my phone, and extra chargers! Always extra chargers.

11. How do you manage travelling to new places, not knowing their local languages? Share any experience you faced because of communication gap.

Luckily, English is spoken in all major cities around the globe, especially in the luxury travel business. In cases where no one speaks English or Spanish, I usually have a tour guide or travel buddy who is familiar with the language.

12. Do you follow travel blogs? If so, name some bloggers that you personally like?

I follow a whole bunch. Some are: Mrs O Around The World, Luxury Columnist, Wandering Carol, Always 5 Stars, Luxe Tiffany, LandLopers

13. Is there any travel tip you would like to share with us?

Go on food tours in places that you’re exploring for the first time. You can learn a lot about the history and culture of a place through it’s food, plus, it’s a fun and unique dining experience!

14. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Destination – As far as cities, London is one of my favorites. The mix of the historic and contemporary architecture is beautiful.
Cuisine – Italian food, there’s nothing better than handmade pasta.
Brand – Emirates. For long haul flights, they stand out in every way, wheather you’re in First, Business, or Economy! The service and comfort is five stars.
Accessory – Packing cubes to help you make the most of space in your suitcases.
Adventure sport – Snorkeling, there’s nothing like exploring crystal blue waters and taking underwater photos of the sea life.