This week we introduce you to Floortje Van Cooten, the beutiful mind behind Floortjeloves is a destination for everybody loving style, beauty and lifestyle. It was started as a blog in 2011, but transformed it into an online magazine in September 2017. They now publish at least one article a day and two videos a week, which are created with three different contributors. Floortjeloves is a fast growing platform made for everyone.

1. What was the driving inspiration behind starting “Floortje Loves”?

I started Floortjeloves in 2011 to put my inspiration on the internet. When I got my first comments I got so excited to move forward and work hard to make cool content. I never thought it was going to be a fulltime job, but I am so happy I created one out of it. I still enjoy sharing my inspiration every day so much.

2. How would you describe your own personal style?

I can really like and wear everything. I mostly go for a classic-casual combination but I love to be a bohemian girl in summer or go a little more edgy in winter. People always tell me I always do something special and add an unexpected/crazy touch to my outfits. So I think I can say that no matter what I wear, it always should have something special. Think about a bright color, print or statement accessory.

3. The biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?

Here in The Netherlands the saying says ‘act normal, because then you act weird enough already’. I kinda hate that saying and think you should always follow your heart, no matter what others say. Just wear something YOU feel comfortable in and you can have the world.

4. Share the secret recipe of how you allure your everyday look?

Oh this is a hard one.. I think I just dress to my mood and that turns out good.

5. What are your 5 must have fashion items that you can’t survive without?

A white shirt, a chunky turtleneck, a leather trousers, some low heeled booties and my designer bags.

6. Tell us 3 things that stands high on your fashion bucket list.

Owning a Gabrielle Chanel bag, attending the show of Chanel and giving Karl Lagerfeld a hug. Sounds like I am all over Chanel (just a tiny bit), but I think his shows are just magical, such as his work.

7. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

In designer bags. I love shoes as well, but since I most of the time get blisters, I rather spend it on bags. They keep its value and sometimes they are worth even more. When I want something expensive I always tell my boyfriend it is a better investment than a car, so he shouldn’t give his opinion haha!

8. What are your go-to online resource for style inspiration? Who is your style icon?

Since I discovered Pinterest about two years ago (yes I was quite late) I love that to get inspired for basically everything. My style icon is definitely my mom, she is such a classic, well dressed beauty and I hope I will look like her when I have her age. Next to that I love Leandra Medine and Aimee Song.

9. What is your everyday beauty routine like?

Cleansing my face (most important!) and using my creme de La Mer. My skin improved so much since I am using that. Next to that I love to do a mask two/three times a week. I mostly keep my make-up simple with a tinted cream, blush, mascara, brows and some lip balm.

10. Name your 5 favorite fashion Brands/ Designers? What is it about their designs that appeals to you maximum?

So hard! Okay, let’s name the 5 I am loving really much right now. That are still 1. Chanel – which is just next level with their tweed. 2. Dior – because of their Western vibes which I am dying over. 3. Chloé – since Natacha Ramsay is creative director I am just obsessing over their clothes. 4. Prada – feather everything and I just can’t.. 5. Burberry – I love love love that the old-school print is back and that you can rock it monotone.

11. What do you think is going to be the big fashion hits for next season?

Suits are quite big now and I hope they will stay a little longer, because I love a good suit. So let’s say that and pray it will.

12. There’s a fire in your closet. What’s the first item you grab?

My Chanel bag because it is my most expensive one, or a skirt from Anthropology which I bought with my mom in New York during fashion week. It is so beautifully made and so dear to me, that I will never ever do it away.

13. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Color- Pink
Trend- Suits
Brand- I can’t… haha 😉
Outfit- A suit with sneakers
Destination- Paris