Let’s give a tasty start to the upcoming weekend! This week we introduce you to Catherine and Tammy, the  creators of Living the Gourmet.

When asked about the start of this amazing website with some drool worthy recipes, this is what they have to say: “The heart of our home lies within the kitchen. For us, it is so much more than a place where meals are created; it is where memories are made over meals that are meant to be shared. It was from this belief that Living the Gourmet was born.”

Together Catherine (the recipe developer), her daughter Tammy (the photographer), and her son Michael (the writer), have joined forces to a create a site where everyone can find something. From recipes, healthy living tips to wine reviews, we inspire all to live the gourmet life!

Let’s hear from them:

1. What sparked your interest in food and inspired to you start your own food blog “Living the Gourmet“?

(Catherine) My mom and dad would always bring everyone together with food. Food has a universal language and is a beautiful way to form bonds that last forever. As for my inspiration to start a blog, that was a suggestion from my son, as a way to preserve all my recipes.

2. Describe Living the Gourmet in three words?

The three words that come to mind to describe Living the Gourmet would be; courage, perseverance and dedication.

3. What are the biggest challenges and greatest rewards of having your own website and being such an inspiring food blogger?

Rewards of having a food blog is having people enjoy my content, try my recipes and return for more. A challenge of having a food blog is, keeping the pace of the blog alive with fresh and interesting content.

4. What’s an ingredient that you just can’t live without?

(Catherine) There are so many ingredients of equal value but to name a few of my kitchen must- haves; garlic, olive oil, Parmesan and Romano cheese, and fresh lemon!
(Tammy) Eggs – perfect for cooking, baking, or just on their own. There are so many ways to cook an egg.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

(Catherine) Sometimes a guilty pleasure is simply taking time when the day is running short and having a good cup of coffee and enjoying the moment.
(Tammy) Oh dessert easily. I guess that’s why I love to bake 😉

6. Your fondest food memory?

I find that the best memories are made while enjoying good food. The aroma of the food cooking, a table set with delicious dishes, the memories of the faces enjoying the food, laughters and the music in the back-round. All of this is brought together with food. It is difficult to single out one occasion since that would not be fair to the many occasions over time.
(Tammy) Definitely cooking and baking with my family during the holidays.

7. How do you manage to keep your skin healthy while running on a busy schedule like this? Name 3 beauty products you swear by…

(Catherine) Your skin responds to what you consume and your daily lifestyle. I have always felt that the glow on your face comes from within. Three beauty products I swear by are- a healthy diet, Noxzema, and Aquaphor.
(Tammy) I’ve recently discovered Rosehip Seed Oil which has worked wonders on my skin, especially when the seasons change. Water – always keep hydrated. Finally, eyebrow gel. I love the one from Maybelline that just brushes through…easy and natural!

8. Which item(s) in your wardrobe do you cherish most?

(Catherine) The items that I cherish most might sound odd to most but they are; a sweatshirt my brother gave me. It’s cozy and worn in and it is sentimental. Leggings are part of my daily work attire, I couldn’t live without them. Lastly, my JLo jeans. They have the perfect fit.
(Tammy) Mules are probably the best trend to have come along in a while so right now I am loving those!

9. How would you define your personal style? 

(Tammy) It depends on my mood really, but I would say overall my style is classic. I incorporate a lot of classic silhouettes with more modern pieces.
(Catherine) I do not follow trends. I wear what makes me feel good and when you feel good you feel pretty. Suppose you might label my style ‘eclectic.’

10. Who is your culinary icon?

(Catherine) My mom! She had all the cooks out there beat by a mile!
(Tammy) Well my mom of course taught me all that know.

11. Any food blog must-follows?

(Catherine) Cookie and Kate as well as Half Baked Harvest.
(Tammy) I love them as well! I also love Mimi Thorisson her food is always beautiful, but I also love reading her posts…she’s a great storyteller.

12. What’s one piece of cooking advice you’d like to share with our readers?

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! You are your own best friend.