Still confused about what style of cardigans are out there? What is in season’s demand?  Well, we caught up with blogger  Shanice Bannis of City of creative dreams, to find out about her take on the season’s most favorites! Let’s hear what she has to say…

Over to  Shanice Bannis

Hi everyone, I thought I would put this together  not only because it is something I personally love wearing about also because I know women out there what to know these things. Let’s be honest outside can get cold but so can the inside of your office or school. How to save yourself from shivering at the desk? An awesome cardigan a way to go. Who is this article for? Cardigan lovers! Women who want to know what to do with theirs and are in desire need of a cardigan guide for the everyday women. Sounds likes you? Great! Let’s get started.

Types of Cardigans


The classic cardigan is a short, tailored style cardigan. The length of it is around the mid-hip area near your torso. An awesome body tip is that this classic cardigan style captures viewers eye to the hem which means that helps define your waistline. What to wear with it? There are many options that you can pair this cardigan with such as leggings, dresses, skirts, and jeans. It would mostly be seen this paired with a cute full dress. At least that is what I usually see people wear them with.

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Cropped cardigans are just another word for short cardigans. It is cut right at your waist or a little above it. Similar to the classic cardigan, the cropped cardigans also captures the eyes towards your waist. It can also be known to point towards your torso but it truly depends on where the cardigan cut line is located. Another tip to note that if you want to make your top half (bust) to look bigger you should try on different chopped cardigan shapes out there. If you don’t choose one that fits your body, it can make your bust look smaller than it really is.

Cropped & Drapey

This chopped and drapey cardigan style is one of my personal favs. They are shorter, drapey cardigans. I love how it flows with the wind and makes you feel pretty fabulous. The cut of this cardigan is typically next to your lower hip area or even midway. There are so many versions of this type that you can have fun with. It’s a more forget the button and leave it open type. It showcases around the midsection of your body. You can wear it with just about anything.

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Boyfriend Cardigan (Long & Straight)

There are not many long, straight cardigans in my closet. I am a more flowy kind of girl. However, if this is so you and you love the boyfriend style you will be happy to know that this style lands right below the hip area of your body. It has a straight, fitted at the waist and shoulders with room in the middle. Just like boyfriend jeans, it is a man’s item of clothing smacked with a women’s stylish touch. It’s not recommended to wear with flowy outfits because it will make you look wider. It is best seen with jeans and cute runners.

Waterfall Cardigan (Long & Drapey)

Waterfall cardigans are new to my closet. I have one that I love and shared in my Fashion Fear article. They are long, drapey cardigans (which I love!). It lands right below the hip. What I love about this style are the stylish folds they have. It has a little stylish attitude. For your body, this cardigan distracts the eye of your midsections. Say goodbye to the tummy. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking all shapes do the same thing because it could also emphasize the mid-section if not careful.

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It really sounds like it is. Oversize is truly a longer cardigan drapes. It goes all the way down to your thighs. It is a more sloppy look than all the other I have mentioned so far. It really adds bulk to your body which helps out more smaller girls. Pair it with more fitted clothing to help reduce the overly bulky look. Where to wear it? I would say it great for cold days are home with you are laying around binge-watching Netflix or going to grab yourself a coffee from the coffee shop.

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Wrap Cardi

The best way to describe this look is that the wrap cardi is a shorter version of the oversized cardigan. Almost like a poncho and a large scarf had a baby together. I’ve seen these everywhere these days, especially in the colder seasons. It wraps around you like a blanket and hugs you. This style gives you a leaner look and hides your midsection of your body as well as your arms and shoulders.

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Sleeveless Cardigan

Lastly are the sleeveless cardigan. This one is another one of my personal favorites. This style is very versatile. It creates an V shape and often hides the waistline. There are many ways to change this look around and create different outfits with such as having a long sleeve shirt under it or under a jacket. Stick to versatile colors like navy, gray or black so you can sure it more than one outfit.

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Shanice Bannis is a lifestyle and fashion blogger from Canada. She likes reviewing products and sharing her way of life. You can catch her at City of creative dreams for more tips on fashion and DIY secrets.

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