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Our favorite angels have finally graced the runway! This year it was Shanghai’s turn to host the highly anticipated show and as always the glorious display didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, Gigi couldn’t make it but the rest of the gorgeous gang donned their wings to strut their stuff in style. This year the Victoria’s Secret show featured the most models in the line up to date including Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss after her three year break and even some new comers.

Punk Angel

The first section of the spectacle was entitled “Punk Angel” featured looks in collaboration with Balmain and Olivier Rousteing at the helm. Pulling together traditional fabrics and patterns from the punk era alongside signature Balmain finesse, choker neck bodices, studded two pieces and just a touch of fringing were all key elements in the first installment.


It was Candice Swanepoel who kicked off the show wearing a black and red tartan bra and panty set, complete with colour matching, plume style wings and a trailing black sparkly train. To think she gave birth to her son a little over a year ago, her body showed zero signs!



The second part of the six segmented display was called “Goddesses” a range of Grecian inspired looks, complete with ornate gold wings and many head wreaths to complete the looks. Taylor Hill wore a particularly stunning outfit of a strappy bralette and matching panties, flourished with an over-sized translucent cape with fauna motif. “Millennial Nation” followed suite, the name given to the signature pink section of the show, which this year featured many other colours than pink and was aimed at athleisure enthusiasts. The models donned miniature puffer jackets and seriously bright joggers alongside their sports influenced lingerie. This was followed by a colourful display entitled “Winter’s Tale.” The penultimate theme of “Porcelain Angel” was a sea of blue and white colour palette, ranging from deepest navy to icy blues and snow whites. Finally, the show’s finale was a multicultural display of worldly traditions called “Nomadic Angels.”


Lais Ribeiro had the honour of wearing the fantasy bra this year, topping in at a whopping two million dollars for the precious piece! Designed with 6,000 gemstones including yellow sapphires and blue topaz, we can’t imagine how heavy this piece must have been yet Lais wears it will all the grace and delicacy of lace. Perhaps due to the influence of Rousteing, many of the angels appeared in more ready to wear pieces that could easily slot into your wardrobe sans wings, including full leather jackets.


As for the music? Harry Styles opened up the rhythms for the first half, while Chinese pop star Jane Zhang took over during “Millennial Nation” complete with a full entourage of back up dancers. The grandiose of the production this year was hard to miss, they truly had pulled out all the stops. It’s a very high bar to set for themselves and we’re expecting even more for next year! Don’t let us down angels!  

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