Zayn malik versus donatella versace

Well, interim creative director, that is. 23-year-old Zayn Malik’s riding the fashion wave, first with his own streetwear line, then, a coveted collaboration with luxury footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti, and now, a capsule collection with none other than Donatella Versace.

Sure, you’ll see the singer fronting the next two Versus ad campaigns. But, the main attraction is a line of clothing for men and women that will make the most of Malik’s rocker aesthetic for Versace’s cool, young, and hip sibling, Versus.


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This little announcement created a whirlwind across the globe and everyone had the same questions on their minds:

  1. Did Gigi Hadid (who happens to be real close with Donatella) help him land the gig?
  2. Why opt for the shy (and somewhat temperamental) Zayn Malik?
  3. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West… is fashion becoming a natural extension for rockstars/musicians to brand and market themselves on a larger scale?

The Truth…
…the only time Donatella warmed up to Zayn (she was never a fan of One Direction), was when she met him with Gigi and liked their equation as a couple—he treats her “Like a gentleman; you don’t see that anymore”, she said. Ideas were exchanged, Donatella was impressed, and there you have it, the fashion house found their connect to a younger audience through the very popular social media icon, Zayn Malik. “His fan following is what Versus is all about.”

Zayn, true to his shy self sent out a mail later to the press stating: “I first collaborated with her when she approached me to dress me for the Met Ball and the relationship developed from there. When they made that suit for me I knew it was a brand that wouldn’t be intimidated by big ideas…  I hope that I can develop a collection with Donatella that I can truly say reflects who I am and what I like.”

Well, to be honest, as far as personal style is concerned, Malik’s got it going for him and we can totally picture not just his fans, but many others picking up leather jackets, boots, neckerchiefs, bomber jackets, and men’s accessories that dominate the singer’s wardrobe. Make way RiRi and Bey, there’s a new kid in town and he’s got the rocker street vibe pat down!


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PS: Malik will be launching a capsule collection for men and women over two campaigns—one in February for Spring-Summer, and another later in the year. The collection from the first campaign will be available in stores by May 2017.

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