Brianne Manz, founder of Stroller In The City is pretty much the equivalent of a supermom who’s also super cool. She was once the owner of a showroom and now dedicates all her time to her three beautiful children, her husband and herself as she documents the fast-paced life of an NYC mom in the most interesting repertoire. If you want to be a mommy blogger that’s too cool for school, you’re going to love our one-on-one with Brianne Manz.

What was the inspiration behind starting Stroller In The City?

When I first became a mom I wanted to have an outlet or a place to share my experiences and start a dialogue about the incredible transformation I was going through. I also wanted to share my thoughts on new products and cool fashion finds for kids.

What are your 5 must-have fashion items?

Amazing fitting jeans, comfortable but stylish flats, oversized sunglasses, a cross-body bag, and the perfect t-shirt!

Can you share your beauty tips with us?

I have always loved trying new products and I used to have a long and relaxing beauty routine, but these days time is limited so I try to keep it simple. Face Oil is my new obsession and it makes my skin look great. General beauty tips…drink plenty of water and get a lot of sleep (that last one is very difficult for a mom and I certainly do NOT get enough sleep, but it does make a huge difference in overall health and beauty).

How do you manage a thriving blogging profession while being a full-time mom?

Luckily a lot of my work involves the kids so I can do double duty. It is very difficult to juggle everything now that the kids are all in school and have busy schedules of their own. I try to schedule meetings and conference calls while the kids are in school and limit evening events to one time per week unless I can take the kids with me.

How would a typical day be for you?

Getting all three kids up, fed, dressed and ready for school is enough to make me want to take a long nap but I keep going. After I get the kids to school I typically designate mornings to write posts and do blog back-end and email/operations stuff…work calls, meetings. The afternoon is for school pick-ups and then we either have classes, sports, dance, playdates—each day is packed. Plus park time. I also try to fit in the regular mom stuff like grocery shopping, errands, doc appointments, and more. And then, it starts all over again.

Do you have a power piece or a lucky item that you always wear for important meetings?

I always wear a necklace with my kids’ initials on it. It’s from Maya Brenner and I never take it off.

Brands and designers that you usually shop from?

I do a ton of my shopping online. But some of my fav brands include Free People, Zara, and H&M.

Do you follow trends? What according to you is the hottest trend for 2017?

I used to be up on all the trends but these days I keep it simple and comfortable if I can. I do think the off-shoulder trend is huge for 2017, so lately I’ve been into that.

Do you follow the work of other bloggers? Name some bloggers that you personally like?

I have a long list of other mom/dad/parent blogs that I love; I couldn’t name them all. I also really love the lifestyle blogs that incorporate style, food, family, fun. Some include Goop or Mini Style Maven.

What advice would you like to give to someone who wants to take up blogging as a profession?

Don’t expect fame and fortune instantly. Every big blogger has put in years of blood, sweat, and tears to get where they are. That is true for every profession. It looks easy but trust me, it is a lot of work. The struggle is real, but keep networking and hustling to connect with other bloggers and great brands. Get yourself involved in the blogging community—especially in the area you are passionate about. And only write about what you love!

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