This week we got a chance to catch up with Becky. Becky is author & creator at Cuddle Fairy (, a parenting & lifestyle blog that focuses on positivity. Becky writes about family travels, parenting, shares positive quotes & much more. She is a wife & mother of three kiddies. Originally from NY Becky & her family now live in the scenic West of Ireland. Cuddle Fairy’s motto is: there’s positivity around every corner. Really & truly your mindset is everything.

Let’s hear from her:

1. What inspired you to start Cuddle Fairy?

I started Cuddle Fairy to spread positivity. It took me months to choose a name. I knew what I wanted it to feel like but struggled to get words to match the feeling of warmth, inviting and also fun! I have weekly posts about positive mindsets or positive quotes.

2. What’s your signature style?

I wear a lot of black. I think it’s always in fashion and when in doubt, I’m in black. At home, I tend to wear comfortable clothing. When out and about I love my jeans, wedges and a cute top.

3. Tell us about your favorite part of being a mom

Seeing my kids playing, learning and imagining together is my favorite part. It gives me so much happiness and I feel so much love watching them together.

4. What’s your ultimate secret to balancing career and family?

Setting times for career is a must. When I started Cuddle Fairy I could be found blogging around the clock. I have days off and times off now which has made me less stressed and has given me more dedicated family time.

5. What is the best thing a mother can do whilst raising her child?

Oh I don’t know, everyone is so different. I guess stay true to yourself and your feelings and passions. Being a mother is a gift but it’s also important to still be yourself.

6. What keeps you going in life? What motivates you the most?

My family and spreading positive thinking through my blog are my biggest motivators.

7. Let’s talk Fashion, What do you think about your personal style?

I have two styles – one which is stay at home mom look of black trousers and a comfortable cardigan or hoodie. The style for out in the world is a classic elegance. I don’t tend to follow trends. I like clean cut looks that are always in fashion.

8. Name your 5 favorite brands.

Oh this is hard, I love so many brands and designers. I’m going to go with brands that inspire me and that I wore in the past, rather than brands I currently wear. When I lived in NY I worked in retail and loved seeing these designs and wearing them too…
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Elle Tahari

9. What would you never leave home without?

My phone. If I forget my phone it’s a total disaster! LOL

10. What 1 fashion product do you splurge on?

Jeans!!! They last for years so if I find great fitting jeans, I’m buying.

11. What are the top three must have products for fashionable moms? 

A nice handbag or changing bag – I always think that you can get away with casual mom clothing when you have a nice bag or changing bag with you. It pulls off the look
Lipstick or gloss – I’m not a big lover of makeup but again, a bit on the lips when running out the door dresses up the look without having to do your whole face.
Stylish coat – Along the same lines again, a decent coat and bag on the way out the door make all the difference. Even if you have casual house clothes underneath.

12. What advice can you offer moms who would like to join the blogging sphere?

To do it! If you are thinking about it, then go for it. Jump in with both feet. Reach out to fellow bloggers on Twitter and get stuck into the community. It’s supportive and fun!