lily collins birthday beauty secrets

All you Rom-Com fans will know this one. Lily Collins of Love, Rosie fame is relatable, cute, smart, and everything 2017. We thought we’d let you in on her signature makeup routine, because the birthday girl turns 28 today!

She looks stunning with a bright red lip and smokey eyes, just like anyone would. However, that’s not her style. She’s more demure and practical. Her motto is “The less there is on you, the less there is to go wrong“. We are with you on this one, Lily. Read about (and grab) the only makeup must-haves she relies on:

1. The fresh-out-of-bed look is the best. Do you agree? Keep your makeup minimal like Lily has with some mascara. A messy bun, perky eyes, and a fresh coffee are all a woman needs to become a morning person.


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2. What’s more minimal than a quick sweep of your go-to lip gloss? The Blind Side star swears by this weapon and says she doesn’t leave the house without it. Are you a taker of this makeup must-have too?


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3. Cara, Keira, and now, Lily. Big and bold eyebrows seem to be taking over the world. What says “I’m a badass and I know it” more than a definitive pair of arches framing your face? “I wish people never stop embracing this trend!” We hope so too, Lily.


Brows after my own heart…

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