7 must haves in every 30 year olds wardrobe

Wardrobe essentials exist for a reason; they pair well with anything, can be worn to most places, are trans-seasonal, and never go out of style. So, the sooner you acknowledge the importance of the well-fitted denim or a crisp white shirt, or even those tan mules that go with everything, the better it is.

While the list of must-haves is flexible, it changes ever so slightly with your individual sense of style which evolves as you age. This brings us to the matter at hand—enter, the best fashion decade of your life. It’s true, by the time you hit the big 3-0, you have a pretty clear idea of what looks good on you, trends be damned. And, if these seven fashionable basics haven’t made their way into your closet yet, then it’s about time they did!

The Trusty Denim

You can’t put a price on finding the perfect pair of jeans (meet your match here), which is why we insist that you spend time and effort trying many different ones before settling on this must-have. It’s about the fit, the cut, the wash, the detail, and the hardware (buttons, zips), all of which need to come together in perfect sync. Personally, we’ve found that a pair of dark skinny jeans have a slimming effect and work well for formal and everyday wear, too. Pair them with an elegant silk blouse and a string of pearls, and you’re good to go.

Classic Studs

While we’re on the subject of pearls, we have to mention the classic studs. A pair of diamond or pearl studs can turn almost anything into a chic and sophisticated ensemble. And as Luci Petlack, a women’s lifestyle blogger from Los Angeles rightly says, “30-year-old women should always own a pair of classic stud earrings. These provide you a go-to quick fix for more dressed-up occasions.” We’d put our money on the ones (as pictured) by The Jewel Hutare perfect in every way.

Leather Jacket

No, it’s not only for the biker chick. The leather jacket can help you get away with a lot, no matter how casual or half-baked the ensemble underneath. There are so many styles to choose from, have a look for yourself.

White Tee / Shirt

This one is so obvious. A plain white tee is versatile, easily available for very little money, can be paired with a range of separates (skirts, pants, waistcoat, bomber jacket) in different cuts, styles, and fabrics. Forever in fashion, just graduate from tee to shirt for a formal yet effortless look. Our favourite, (buy) this one by FCUK.

Classic Pumps

Fashion blogger Mariana Leung says, “A woman in her 30’s should have a sense of her best colours and best fit.” And this applies to shoes just as much as it does to clothes. Classic pumps in black are practical with their heel height, great for everyday wear, dressy while being easy on the feet, and a failsafe bet in terms of style and aesthetic. Get your own here.

Nude Ballet Flats

For days when you couldn’t be bothered about matching your shoes to your clothes or trouble your feet with heels, a pair of nude ballet flats can prove to be the biggest save. When the versatile colour and the comfortable shoe style are rolled into one, you have a sure shot hit on your hands. Head here to take your pick from over 50 designs.

The Classic LBD

You can tire of hearing about the LBD but the truth is, you can never get tired of wearing it. This staple can be spotted everywhere—at work, at play, at Fashion Weeks, on the runway, on A-listers and the general public alike, on a 15-year old as well as a 50-year old… see our point? Get a bodycon version (buy the one pictured here) for a slimming fit.

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