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If your retort to someone mentioning you’re closing in on the big 3-0 is to scream out your 20-something age then you’re basically like any other girl, who knows this may well be the best decade of her life. Not necessarily career-wise, and hey, we hear women have the best sex of their lives in their 30s, but, overall in terms of appearance you’re young, you’re fabulous, you can dress in rags and still look cool… it’s all very easy and chill.

Enjoy this sweet spot… post-adolescence (puberty, blech) and pre-marriage or the baby mama phase (oh, dear), and do so by being a little adventurous with your fashion and beauty choices. They’re the best way to make a statement and if there’s ever a time a girl can get away with unicorn makeup, this, right here, is it.

As for your wardrobe choices, we delve a little deeper and give you five perfect trends for the 20-something that are cute right now but you’ll be too old to pull off later. Bonus: They’re all very easy on the pocket so, it’s a win-win!

#1 Read My Tee


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You’ve got to admit it, they’re just plain cool. You keep thinking you’ve outgrown the slogan tee until you find yourself staring at someone with a millennial verse (read: everything from GOT), or just a cute little slogan (I’m sleepy. Period.) However, one teeny reminder—your 30s might be a bit too late for the slogan tee unless, like Ms Perry here, you’re making a political or social statement. Remember the Nasty Woman tees supporting Hillary Clinton that became a rage?

graphic tees twenties fashion trends

Buy the Cooler Than Cool Pressed Tee here, Tequila Made Me Do It Tee here,
Vote For No Mornings Tee here, and Bad Girls Don’t Cry Tee here.

Quick Tip: Feel free to DIY your tee. Just buy a plain white, some fabric paint, stencils if you’ve got a shaky hand and get creative.

#2 Cute Overalls Because You Can


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Major throwback to every FRIENDS episode ever. Monica and Phoebe set the trend in the 90s with Rachel leading the overalls brigade in more than one appearance. Also called dungarees, every 20-something has eyed full-length and short versions of these but rarely dared to wear them when they’re out and about. Well, all we’ve got to say is, “Do it now while it’s still cute”. You can leave a strap undone, wear them with a cute tee underneath, dress it up with a crop top or halter tank—there’s really a million ways to work the trend.

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Buy the MOTO Ingido Denim Dungarees here.

Quick Tip: You can test them out when you’re heading for brunch with the girls. You know what’s cuter? Coordinate and snap a picture of yourselves in denim overalls and tees, the whole lot of you. Upload new Facebook cover image… #FriendshipGoals #SquadGoals #FashionGoals.

#3 Quirky Bags With A Comic Punch


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A loud mouth clutch, a stache print tote, a floral hobo holdall… yes, in your 20s you can choose the arm candy that screams for attention, is packed with bright colours and bold accents, and shaped like a bee even. In fact, it takes a fiercely confident fashionista to pull off these bags so please, do dare to wear the trend. It doesn’t all have to be cute, some of them are quite elegant and pretty too. Like these:

Lulu guinness cat clutch

Buy Lulu Guinness’s Kooky Cat Clutch here.

printed bags 2017 fashion trendBuy the Charlotte Olympia Sinatra Sunshine Yellow Leather Purse here.

Also, this is the ideal way to express your love for animals. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Hell, you can be a hamster person if you wanna! (We personally love little piggy prints; how cute is the pig emoji?) On a side note, you can shop for emoji-inspired dresses here.

#4 Disco Shoes Got Em Going Like 😎


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Nicki Minaj can pull off anything, we know that. She’s got a wild sense of fashion and it suits her personality (and profession, let’s just say). Although we might not get to play dress up at concerts and red carpet events (sigh), we can tread on the wild side when we’re hitting the club for cocktails and more. Go all out with bling shoes because it’s time to sparkle, and sparkle, you must.

Dune aiyana shoes shop glitter gold

Buy the Dune Aiyana Pointed Gold Glitter Shoes here.

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world“, were Marilyn Monroe’s exact words. Well, we’d like to make a small amendment: Let’s just ensure the shoes are fit for the new-age Cinderella. Glass slippers, pretty lady?

#5 Hoodies, Because Thug Life


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Once synonymous with the hip-hop culture and rapper musicians, this wardrobe staple can now be found in every IT girl’s closet with Kendall, Gigi, Bella, Taylor and Selena leading the brigade; notice how they’re all 20-somethings? It’s street, it’s chic, it’s comfy, it’s fuss-free, basically it’s perfect for a day when you don’t want to spend 20 minutes deciding what to wear. Pair it with some boots, shades, and an on-the-go cuppa and you’re set to take on the world.

Superdry hoodie shop sweatshirt

Buy Superdry’s Vintage Colour Block hoodie here.

We’ll just add this: If you’ve gained some holiday weight and would like to camouflage the extra pounds then you know the hoodie’s just the thing for you. 😉

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