This time we caught up with the beautiful Molly,  the creative mind behind! Known for her flair of mixing current trends with effortless minimalist styling, Molly manages to weave visually captivating stories. The sole mission of Still Being Molly is to inspire women to walk joyfully and confidently in purpose.

Let’s get to know this North Carolina based style blogger and learn everything from her must have fashion items, favorite trends and more!

1. What was the driving inspiration behind starting your Still Being Molly?

I started my blog in 2007 mainly as a creative outlet and for a way to connect with my family. Over the years, it has ebbed and flowed and changed as my life has changed! It went from being a comedy blog, to a social media blog, to a marketing blog, to a style and lifestyle blog. When I realized that my blog could be a way for me to connect with hundreds of thousands of people across the world, it became so much more than that creative outlet. It’s now a way for me to share my life and have an impact on people in a way I never thought possible.

2. How would you describe your own personal style?

My personal style has changed along with my lifestyle, for sure. Lately, I have found myself leaning more towards classical pieces that I can mix and match and dress up with a great statement necklace or colorful bag. I love the ease of jeans and a basic tee!

3. Share the secret recipe of how you allure your everyday look?

Invest in great accessories! Accessories can really change the look and feel of an entire outfit. Bold necklaces, fun earrings, a great bag, or a killer pair of shoes…that can completely change a look with the switching of one little thing!

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4. The biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?

Don’t try to bend too much to trends just because you think you have to. If you find a trend is really hot, but just doesn’t work for your body (cold shoulder tops, anyone?), don’t force it! Stick to silhouettes and styles that work for YOU!

5. What are your 5 must have fashion items that you can’t survive without?

Great jeans (invest in high quality, designer denim!), my favorite ankle boots from The Root Collective, big leather earrings, a classic white top (I love a white top with a ruffle or a fun hemline), and a leather handbag that can go with anything and everything!

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6. Tell us 3 things that stands high on your fashion bucket list.

I would love to try a Capsule Wardrobe – this is one thing I have not tackled yet, but would love to try! I’d love to attend Fashion Week some day, and I’d love to be featured in a national printed fashion magazine in some way!

7. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

Jeans and shoes! To me, high quality denim and great shoes are priceless!

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8. What are your go-to online resource for style inspiration? Who is your style icon?

I love Emma Watson’s style. She shares a passion for ethical fashion like me, and her looks are always amazing and on point!

9. What is your everyday beauty routine like? 

I love clean and natural beauty. My every day routine includes filling in my eyebrows, a little eyeliner, some neutral shimmery shadows, 17 million coats of mascara (I have a thing for mascara), my mineral foundation, blush, and a little highlight. I love shimmer but I also love a look that’s classic and natural!

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10. Name your 5 favorite fashion Brands/ Designers? What is it about their designs that appeals to you maximum?

  1. The Root Collective for shoes – handcrafted by artisans in Guatemala
  2. Elegantees for basic tops and dresses – handcrafted by women in Nepal and some of the most comfortable clothing I own!
  3. Eileen Fisher for her amazing style and beautiful silhouettes.
  4. Amour Vert for modern classics.
  5. Grace & Lace for affordable, ethically made trendy pieces.

11. What do you think is going to be the big fashion hits for next season?

Honestly, I really predict we are going to see a lot of fashion brands and designers finding ways to make classics more “modern” and unique. Ruffles, detailed hemlines, maybe some embellishments. More and more people are finding ways to streamline their looks and I think we will start to see fewer people going with trends.

12. Name 3 other fashion blogs you religiously follow and absolutely love.

  1. Lipgloss and Crayons
  2. Sustainably Chic
  3. In Honor of Design

13. What do you make of the advent of online shopping? How has it changed your life?

I love it! I was never a big mall shopper to begin with, so I love being able to shop from home.

14. Could you share your favorite spots for finding fashion treasures?

The Flourish Market is my absolute favorite – the flourish market and they also have a brick and mortar store here in Raleigh, NC!

15. There’s a fire in your closet. What’s the first item you grab?

My Root Collective boots, hands down.

Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Color – turquoise

Trend – ruffles!

Brand – Elegantees

Dress – My handmade dress from Kenya!

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