This could possibly be one of those great losses (for both, good and bad reasons) for audiences around the world. Pretty Little Liars aired it’s final episode on the 27th of June,  after seven whole years of chasing A with a very dramatic reveal at the end.

Yes, all you guys wondering whether the poor liars’ misery is ever going to end; well, it did. Finally. I’m going to be extremely honest here and judge me if you will (or don’t, please don’t), but I used to be quite the PLL (pseudo) fangirl, till I got tired of A chasing them and vice versa. Then there are the real fans, who stuck by the show for seven years to discover that there’s an A, a Big A and an A.D. And here I am, learning that there was an entire hierarchy of A’s plotting twisted schemes against these girls, a day after the show got over. Guess I should have been #KeepingUpWithTheLiars.

To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons I watched this show (other than finding out who this mysterious and crazy A is) was for fashion inspiration. Whatever said and done, these girls knew how to dress. And it was quite exciting to see how each character’s style was so different from the other, and yet so fashionable in its own way. So in honor of our Pretty Little Liars, I have rounded up some of their best looks through the seasons and picked out close matches that you can buy.

Spencer pll

Spencer Hasting’s velvet gown from the prom episode had me floored! This classic cut in a rather unconventional choice of fabric made me fall in love with this look at first sight.

Velvet gown

Victoria Beckham, £1,625


Aria hat pll

Aria always had a flair for the eccentric. Out of all the liars, Ms Montgomery always knew how to spice things up with accessories. This cute fedora that she sported for much of season 1 added to her boho statement.


Maison Michel, £750

Alison pll

When Allison showed up again from the dead, she knew how to make quite the comeback, and it was partially due to her sartorial choices. This pastel blue blazer is one of my favourites on the pretty blonde.

Blue blazer

Emilio Pucci, £960


Hanna pll

Fashionista Hanna always knew how to amp an outfit up with her beautiful locks and ‘Queen B’ personality. And her great collection of jackets. This leopard print jacket, in particular, is one for the books.

Leapord jacket

Red Valentino, £552

Aria pll

Leather, skulls, rings galore and luscious locks were pretty much Aria’s staple through the first couple of seasons. This brown leather skirt is such a winner!

Leather skirt

Red Valentino, £369


Emily pll

Emily gave us such inspiration when it came to athleisurewear. She had an envious denim collection that she seemed to live in for seven seasons. A staple denim jacket with a tee and a pair of ripped jeans defined Em’s style.

Denim jacket

Miu Miu, £1185

Alison dress pll

The liars frequented funerals more often than any other event. Which also meant an overdose of LBDs. I love the elegance of this sheer overlay dress that Allison wears which makes her look chic and pretty.


Karl Lagerfeld, £69

Mona pll

Mona, or ‘A’ numero uno, had quite the desirous wardrobe. Her preppy and feminine style resonated with teens around the world. And nothing says feminine like a pair of floral pants.

Floral pants

Blumarine, £320

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