It’s coming up to our favourite time of year again; the time of giving, spending time with your loved ones, and spreading festive cheer. That’s right, we’re on countdown to Jesus’ birthday!

From Christmas jewelry to jovial jumpers, it’s impossible not to love all things festive in the fashion world.

In fact, it’d feel wrong if you didn’t wear your best Christmas sweater with pride during the build-up, especially on Christmas Jumper Day. That’s right, the UK’s annual 24-hour period dedicated to festive sweaters is vastly approaching on Friday 15th December.

From understated and chic to bold and unapologetic knits, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 festive jumpers you’ll love.

1. Slogan

Selfish Mother Festive Crew Neck Jumper, £ 50.00

A hot favourite to become the most popular style of Autumn/Winter 2017, the slogan festive jumper sure does stand out and make a statement. It usually features some kind of Christmassy word or phrase in a hue pulled straight from the traditional festive colour palette (i.e. green, gold, red, silver, or navy blue).

Simply dress up your slogan jumper with a high waisted leather skirt and heeled shoes, or dress down with skinny jeans and boots, to create a smart and sassy look this festive season.

2. Christmas Motif

Ted Baker Bow Detail Jumper, £ 110.00

Super cute and charming, a jumper featuring a festive motif makes for a dressier outfit option ideal for any Christmas party or event.

Whether you go with a singular or plural motif, simply combine your Christmas jumper with leather-look leggings and heeled ankle boots to showcase sophisticated style.

3. Festive Jeweled

Topshop Women’s Christmas Jeweled Jumper, £ 59.00

If you’re feeling brave and want to step up the Christmas ante, simply opt for a sweater with a contemporary festive embelishment. Some of our current favourite festive prints might include Christmas lights, penguins, snowmen, and stars of Bethlehem, but essentially anything festive-related goes!

Whichever embelishment you decide to rock, show your love for Christmas and rock it with pride.

4. Fair Isle Print

Gant Fairisle Crewneck Jumper Cream, £ 135.00

Not exactly Christmas-specific, but certainly a nod to the winter season, all hail the fair isle print.

Fair isle print jumpers might be peaking in popularity around European ski resorts, but us Brits love to wear them as a festive knit throughout the Christmas period. From classic neutrals to bright, popping hues, fair isle print knitwear comes in all different colours and styles. Our favourite type is chunky and tunic-length, pulled over leggings and ski boots with faux fur trims. Tres chic!

5. The Epitome of Christmas

Dsquared2 Intarsia Wool Knit Sweater, £ 395.00

One of the most garish options currently available on the high street, “The Epitome of Christmas” jumper is for the ladies who want to look like Christmas has thrown up on them.

You might be thinking of the novelty, tongue-in-cheek sweaters that you wear to the office solely on Christmas Jumper Day, but we’re talking about the next level down from that. This kind of jumper will undoubtedly resemble a shade from the Christmas color palette, feature a mixture of festive motifs and prints, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. That’s why it needs to be worn with black denim or leggings, so it can fully take center stage.

From minimalistic to impactful, there’s a Christmas jumper to suit every shape and taste this festive season. When shopping for a Christmas jumper, try not to overthink it and just remember: it’s meant to create a fun and light-hearted festive ensemble.

Happy Christmas, everybody!