Frequently Asked Questions

What is Obsessory?

Obsessory is a web and mobile platform to assist shoppers in search and tracking of items across hundreds of top retailers and thousands of high-street and designer brands across the globe. It aims to be the virtual stylist for busy and fashion conscious people, continuously refining search results based on their product and brand preferences, and presenting the user with the most relevant selection of products and trends. At Obsessory you could track those desired products by setting alerts for price changes or even target price alerts and we notify when price drop to the set target along with events and promotions from your favourite retailers.

What can I do on the website?

Obsessory allows you to search extensively, discover upcoming designers and shop current trends, follow your favourite stores and brands and be notified of sales and new arrivals, create outfits and share with your friends, compare products, and also discover the latest styles with recommendations from our editors and fashion community.

How do I follow brands and stores?

You can pick your favorite brands and stores when you create your account. Once your account is created, you can edit this whenever you want to.

Why should I follow brands and stores?

By following your favorite brands and stores, you are notified about the latest products as soon as we have them on Obsessory. You also know when the labels you love have a sale on.

What is Dress Me?

Dress Me is a look creator that allows you to combine different products and create stylish outfit ideas. The looks you create are called sets, which can be kept private or made public.

What is my Lookbook?

My Lookbook is a collection of all the sets that you have created on Obsessory using our Dress me feature.

What are popular sets?

User-created sets that are publicly visible can be rated by users and used by them as the basis for new sets. The highest-rated sets are marked as popular and showcased on our popular sets page.

What is My Wardrobe?

My Wardrobe shows you all the products that you have marked as favourites and added to wishlists you have created. Only you can see these products and shop from them.

What happens when I set a price alert on a product?

If you like a product and want to wait for the product to drop to a certain price before buying it, you can set an alert. Once the product drops to the price you have set or below it, you will be sent a notification.

What sales alerts do I get?

You get alerts on sales on the brands and stores that you follow and you can also follow specific sale types like Back to School Sales, End of Season sales, etc, which will give you alerts on all products that are on sale in a particular sale type.

What brands and stores does Obsessory feature?

We work with the top retail stores in UK, thus, giving you access to more than a million products from a wide range of the best of high street and luxury brands. To see our complete list, click through to our Stores and Brands page.

Can I buy products on Obsessory directly?

As affiliate partners for our retailers, you buy the products you love on our site by clicking through to our retailer's site and buying it from them.

Who handles the shipping and delivery of products?

Since you buy the product directly from the retailer, they handle all your shipping and delivery. Any queries related to the process are addressed by them.